Montari, Fulkharka At Dhading



Montari (Fulkharka, Dhading), located west of Kathmandu, is lush with vegetation. Hiring a private Jeep is the most convenient way to get to Fulkharka from Kathmandu. It will take approximately 8 to 9 hours to complete. It is peaceful and away from the settlement. Montari is about a 30-minute walk from the main settlement.
Montari is made up of 7 tiny cabins and a hostel. Students who live outside of the area but want to study agriculture can stay in the dormitory. Currently, there are seven students in one building, which serves as a hostel for both boys and females.
One of the buildings is used as a restaurant. Earth baghouses have been used to construct five little dwellings. As a result, it was created after the earthquake. One-story buildings are the most earthquake-resistant houses/huts. This is a picture of the guest rooms. We aim to incorporate modern amenities into these structures, such as separate toilets and bathrooms. The rooms are tidy and well-kept.
In fact, if you want to observe actual village life, this is the place to go. Fulkhara is a viable possibility. It is now in the planning stages as a modern structure being constructed. Volunteers are also welcome in the hospital and government schools. Above all, we wish to promote these locations as yoga centers. Because there is so much flora at Montari, you can do yoga there. On the ground of Montari, we can practice yoga. We have the ability to breathe pure fresh air and exhale dirty air. So, if you’re a yoga instructor back home, you may come to a group and we’ll practice yoga for a few days and finish a week or month-long course. We will offer you with the nourishment you require. We can also visit Tinsure Hill, which is comparable to Poon Hill, near the finish of the tour. The Himalayan scenery is breathtaking.
Visitors interested in learning about Nepal’s actual culture are welcome to visit our village. With your own eyes, you can observe villagers’ day-to-day activities. Volunteering in a government school or hospital is highly encouraged. We may share meals with the dormitory students while also assisting the villagers.

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